You are already working hard as a clinical business professional; CanAm can help take the extra burden of relocating to a new Canadian or international location off your shoulders. CanAm has numerous in-house resources and third party professional affiliates that can enable you to relocate stress free, including: tax consults, real estate agents, bankers, wealth managers, immigration specialists, accountants, etc. CanAm also brings the power of our International Job Board, positioned at the pinnacle of the world’s search engines and advertising physician employment opportunities across Canada and around the world.

CanAm has a growing number of attractive international opportunities. We seek out the most lucrative opportunities in the most friendly and attractive locations around the globe. CanAm can provide a wide range of valuable services to assist you with a smooth transition into any a new international location.

Except in extra-ordinary circumstances, your new employer pays CanAm’s fees.

Due to unique Canadian demographics Canada has an aging population, that has resulted in an aging and rapidly retiring workforce. Although Canadian provincial and federal governments are taking steps to increase availability of physician services, the physician shortage is expected to persist for several years.

No – there are 13 separate and distinct provincial and territorial medical licensing authorities across Canada, each with their unique medical licensing standards.


With the emergence of the internet in mid 1990’s, CanAm’s founder, John Philpott was completing an engineering degree specializing in mechanical and petroleum engineering. During this same period Canada’s Federal Government introduced a 50% billing cap for all Family Practitioners across Canada. This new policy led to a significant reduction in urban practice opportunities for graduating Family Practitioners, including Philpott’s wife, thus creating the catalyst for the family to move to greener pastures in Ohio, USA. During their 4 years in the USA, Philpott founded CanAm Physician Recruiting, and through his vision of the power of the Internet directed his advanced technical training to produce an advanced interactive web base platform connecting Clients, Physicians and Recruiters from all over the world in real time. Now Canada’s leading international Physician recruitment firm, CanAm hosts a rapidly growing database of thousands of pre−screened astute and licensable physicians and a burgeoning online international Physician Job Board, all linked to CanAm’s 3 international websites that are at the pinnacle of World Wide Web search engines, including Google and Yahoo!

CanAm has been specializing in physician recruitment since 1997, with a focus on Canadian trained candidates and the best quality doctors the world has to offer. Because Canada has such a high standard we can say with confidence that the Physician in our database are the best the world has to offer!

CanAm uses a full spectrum of networking strategies, including the World Wide Web, Physician Consulting Services, Traditional Marketing, and Personal Referrals. World Wide Web ’ CanAm “Page 1” presence on search engines like Google and Yahoo ensures a continuous stream of new physician and client registrants. CanAm’s rigorous screening techniques, which include credential review, reference checks and phone interviews results in the acceptance of only 50% of the new registrants who meet Canadian medical training standards. Physician Consulting Services’ For those marginal physician candidates that don’t quite meet Canadian practice standards, CanAm provides long−term consulting services to direct physicians to improve their Canadian medical credentials and training to help them conform to Canadian standards and create a new career path to eventually achieve their goal to practice in Canada. Traditional Marketing Strategies’ CanAm also uses media advertising, direct mail, newsletters, medical journals, medical alumni organizations, attendance at conferences and job fairs, and lends its voice on physician recruitment issues in articles published in national and international medical publications, such as the Medical Post, Recruitment Canada and numerous Medical School publications. We also network world wide with recruitment firms who share a similar code of ethics as CanAm. Personal Referrals’ Since CanAm knows that it is in the ’people business’, we know that there is no more powerful advertising than personal referrals from satisfied physician and employer clients. CanAm’s passion and commitment to be a full service solution provider to all of our clients and their families, from Presentation to Placement − and beyond, creates an elevated relationship of trust and partnership. This unique synergy energizes our clients to share their experiences with their colleagues who in turn choose CanAm as their physician recruiter of choice for their next career move.

CanAm covers all clinical physician specialties and medical administration roles such as, Chiefs of Staff and Clinical Department Heads. CanAm, on occasion, can respond to other specific clinical human resource needs for major clients and the employment needs of spouses of physician candidates. − Such as nurses, therapists, and laboratory technologists.

Yes. CanAm boasts Canadian client coverage from coast to coast to coast. CanAm’s customers also include an extensive list of international clients representing prestigious positions in highly accredited hospitals in the USA, UK, Caribbean and Australia, to name a few.

The screening process begins with a critical assessment of the applicant’s registration information and CV, which leads to an in−depth telephone interview with the candidate to determine their specific recruitment needs. When it is clear that there is serious interest among all parties, and in collaboration with the employer and the candidate, CanAm may arrange for the review of selected candidate references, and their professional standing in previous licensing jurisdictions. However, if any ’red flags’ are identified during the initial screening, we initiate an indepth internet search of the candidate, including a thorough review of their license and board certification status. If deemed necessary, we will obtain the candidate’s consent to contact, and/or interview pertinent references, such as: past employers and program directors. Finally, with the knowledge that 80% of physician retention is related to their family’s ability to integrate into their new community, as appropriate, we focus on the unique lifestyle needs of their spouse and children. All of this critical information helps CanAm ensure that the physician and their families are able to connect to the right people and organizations during a site visit to the host community.

CanAm expends great effort, including site visits to the client’s facilities when appropriate, to fully understand the scope of the client’s clinical programs and the lifestyle offered by the local community. It is important for Canam to know details of remuneration, benefits, incentive programs, patient acuity, on−call policies, shift scheduling policies, the number of patient beds, admission rates, etc. In addition, CanAm also focuses on the local community identifying; real estate market, schooling, universities, medical schools, shopping, local culture and after−school activities for the physicians’ families.

We will strive to use your time and resources effectively and where appropriate, our staff will do tasks normally performed by yourself, or your staff, thus freeing your time and resources to redirect for other important issues. CanAm can help you develop a targeted search strategy that ensures that your most important recruitment criteria and information has a higher probability of reaching your specific target market. We will work with you to determine the best approaches, media and selling points to make the best use of your valuable resources. We will work with your in−house committees and community leaders to develop strategies for interviewing, site tours and candidate selection. We are a full service recruitment agency with expertise in every aspect of the formal and informal recruitment, placement and retentions process.

Absolutely! Since our staff are already well informed regarding the candidate’s career need, CanAm prefers to setup and participate in the initial conference call interview between employer and physician. CanAm’s participation at this critical stage enables us to provide immediate answers regarding 1) eligibility and timelines related to processing for licensure and immigration, 2) ensure that everyone is aware of the next steps in the process and, 3) perform follow−up to ensure that the recruitment progresses in a timely fashion while making the best use of your valuable time and resources.

We like to work together in partnership as a full service solution provider with you so that both the candidate and their spouse’s needs are taken into consideration, particularly, the little things’ that are so important to the long−term retention outcomes of the physician and their family. We help you take the right approach.

Yes! Since we strive to establish a relationship of trust with each of our candidates they will often seek our perspective on the conditions of an offer of employment. Many physicians, particularly new graduates, have never seen an employment contract and request our opinion to ensure that they are receiving a fair offer, and that all pertinent issues are covered in the contract. In instances that exceed the scope of our professional staff, we automatically refer to our accounting and/or legal affiliates. We remain in business because we support fairness in business and personal outcomes to create ’win−win’ situations for all of our clients.

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