CanAm’s Team is composed of principals and associates who are widely recognized as proven experts in health care leadership and management; the team includes former CEOs, Medical Directors and others who have worked in senior health care management roles across Canada and Internationally in growing health care sectors of the Caribbean and the Middle East.

In the last 25 years, CanAm regularly counsels medical students, residents, fellows and physicians who may struggle with licensing, or have malpractice issues. Consulting for physicians in front of Colleges’ Review Boards, Registrars and Medical Advisory Committees.  We work with Hospital CEOs, Medical Directors, Dept heads and private clinics.

CanAm is known to offer clients an integrated solution to health care management and physician recruitment challenges.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) Consulting

CanAm has been assisting IMGs since 1997 to navigate the complex Canadian licensing, immigration, and the transition of Physicians into lucrative Canadian careers and new homes for their families. CanAm remain current with the ongoing changes of Canada’s top regulator bodies;

  • Federation Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • Medical Council of Canada
  • 10 Provincial Licensing Colleges

Obtaining a medical license to practice in Canada can be very expensive and many IMGs go down the wrong path and spend thousands of dollars and never qualify for a medical license.

As an IMG without Canadian immigration status, we highly recommend that you delay any attempt to enter Canada until you have received either a formal written Offer of Employment from a Canadian employer, or you are matched in the Post Graduate Residency / Fellowship Program. Ideally an accredited training program by the Royal College of Canada or Canadian College of Family Practice.

To ensure that you realize the best outcome for you and your family as you plan to work and live in Canada, CanAm recommends that you follow the CanAm 3 Point Plan:

  1. Register with CanAm and provide a complete detailed CV
  2. Stay in Clinical Practice anywhere in the world. Being out of Clinical Practice is a major NO, NO. If you are out of Practice for more than 1 year it is a red flag and for more than 3 years you will be required to re-train.
  3. Determine The RIGHT PATHWAY for an independent license before you start the process of having your credentials sourced verified and spend thousands of dollars. CanAm has 25 years of experience in screening IMGs for Credentialing and Licensing. Due to the high demand, we charge a flat consulting fee of $300 CAD.

    This initial investment will save you a lot of frustration and potentially thousands of dollars. Please provide your contact details and the best time to set up a conference call with our experienced CEO, Mr. John Philpott, who has more than 25 years of experience in the recruitment and placement of IMGs into Canada.

    (Connect on LinkedIn: John Philpott LinkedIn)

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