CanAm will complete its contract with the Weymouth Physician Recruitment Committee this month.

Through the course of our work with Weymouth, we learned a lot about what is happening – and what is not happening – with the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s physician recruitment activities.

CanAm was successful in identifying a strong potential candidate for Weymouth and that physician came to Canada for a multi-day site visit in early 2016.  The community committee pulled out all the stops and the physician felt welcoming and enjoyed her time in Digby.

Unfortunately, through the course of the winter and spring, it became apparent that despite advertising a vacant position in Weymouth, the Health Authority had no intention to support a physician for the Weymouth clinic.

It was subsequently confirmed by the Health Authority in writing that they were not approving a physician position for Weymouth.  This effectively cut the legs out from under the community committee.

There were even local candidates in play, who were told unequivocally that there was no position in Weymouth.

This put the community and CanAm in an impossible position – of attempting to recruit for a position that the employer – the Health Authority – continued to state did not exist.

The Health Authority has now confirmed that Dr. Westby’s former position in Weymouth has been transferred to Digby.

CanAm would like to thank the dedicated members of the Weymouth Physician Recruitment Committee for their support, and all their efforts over the past 6 months.  They are strong advocates for their community and should not be blamed for the inability to fill the position.  They did their best to advocate for the citizens of Weymouth.