Senators say that delaying expansion for those suffering solely from mental illness violates Charter

A man listens to a question from reporters.

Health Minister Mark Holland introduced legislation Thursday morning that would delay the change to medical assistance in dying until well after the next federal election, scheduled for 2025. (Christinne Muschi/The Canadian Press) The Liberal government introduced legislation Thursday that will delay the expansion of assisted dying to include those suffering solely from mental illness to 2027. Health Minister Mark Holland introduced the legislation and Justice Minister Arif Virani told reporters that the delay was needed until Canada’s health-care system is ready to implement the expansion. “Because of the significance of the decision, because of the nature of the consequences of this kind of policy; we have to ensure that we get it right, and we’re determined to do just that,” Virani said. “Putting a pause on it for the next three years will ensure the system readiness, which is what the health-care system has indicated,” he said. Holland said the decision to delay the expansion until after the next federal election has nothing to do with electoral politics, but was made to ensure the health-care system is ready. “Election or partisan matters are not important,” he said. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE