A new avenue to licensure for internationally trained physicians opens in New Brunswick

OCTOBER 11, 2023

A Practice-Ready Assessment (PRA) program is now available in New Brunswick, providing an accelerated route to licensure for internationally trained physicians. Administered by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (CPSNB), the Practice Ready Assessment New Brunswick (PRA-NB) program will allow eligible family physicians who have completed their medical training and residency abroad to participate in a practical assessment over a period of 12 weeks, which will evaluate if they have the knowledge, skills and suitability to provide safe care for patients in the province. As the program will be offered in English and French, candidates will be able to take part in the assessment in the language of their choice.

The Medical Council of Canada (MCC) is also pleased to announce that PRA-NB is now part of the National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) PRA group, joining eight other participating provinces. Provincial PRA programs and the MCC collaborate on the NAC’s pan-Canadian framework to develop and maintain common standards and materials for delivering and administering practice-ready assessments. This pan-Canadian collaboration ensures internationally trained physicians experience fair and comparable assessments across Canada.

To obtain more information about the PRA program in New Brunswick, visit the CPSNB website.