Brenda Moffatt

Brenda Moffatt


Brenda holds a Bachelor of Administration from the University of Saskatchewan. She has over 20 years experience as a manager, and executive leader in both the public and private healthcare sectors. In these roles Brenda has had the opportunity to work with boards, senior management, elected officials and stakeholder groups to ensure organizational alignment in Canadas’ complex Medicare world.

The senior leadership experience became a natural connection to the world of physician recruitment. In 2010 Brenda became a part of the new provincial agency responsible for recruitment of healthcare providers in Saskatchewan. As the team’s senior consultant, Brenda worked to build the agency, source physicians and stabilize the province. During this period Brenda held various Board positions on the Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (CaSPR). Working with counterparts from across the country and North America they shared best practices and policies to recruit and retain physicians. Brenda’s passion for retention lead to speaking engagements and the creation of a manual to guide physician recruiters across Canada.

Brenda took a short sabbatical to enjoy time with her 4 adult children and 8 grandchildren. She spent time traveling and eventually traveled back to the world of physician recruitment. As a Canam Recruitment Consultant, Brenda will utilize her knowledge, skills and experience to serve the healthcare industry while helping to find physicians that perfect opportunity in Canada.

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