Rohini Patel

Rohini Patel has a diverse background in healthcare. With an MD degree earned in 2014 from Windsor School of Medicine, she brings a deep understanding of medical practices and patient care to her role as a physician recruiter.

Rohini’s career journey began as a clinic operations manager, where she was responsible for managing the daily operations of a medical practices. She gained a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the challenges faced by healthcare providers.

Recognizing her passion for innovation and technology, Rohini transitioned into a product manager role, specializing in building healthcare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. Leveraging her medical knowledge she designed and developed products that would improve patient care and make the lives of healthcare providers easier.

Her medical background provides her with a unique perspective, enabling her to assess the qualifications and fit of potential candidates accurately. Rohini’s ability to understand the needs of both healthcare providers and candidates will ensure successful placements that benefit all parties involved.

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